One Poem | "In Layman's Terms"

Exciting news!

I was very fortunate to have been selected to be featured in the third issue of In Layman’s Terms.

Cover of issue 3, “Water”.

Cover of issue 3, “Water”.

In Layman’s Terms is a relatively new publication concerned with “encouraging a new appreciation of science, technology, and the natural world for the average person. As you might have guessed, these are broad ideas that can cover a lot of ground, which means each issue is themed. More broadly (but perhaps more precisely), we hope for each issue to become a bridge between extremes.”

This issue’s theme is Water and contains a multitude of fascinating and enlightening work.

You can read my poem entitled “Manatee” right now on Issuu.

Thank you all, readers and the staff of In Layman’s Terms, for being supportive of my work. Cheers!