Essays, editorials, and prose

Cosplaying in America (forthcoming) | Print
credits for proofreading

Sea Going Green | Online
Balancing the Pros and Cons of Coastal Tourism through Sustainability

The Jamwich | Print + Online
Nipper the Band’s Practice EP Review
Cris Jacobs’ Color Where You Are Album Review

Wonderful West Virginia Magazine | Essay and Interview | Print
“Pharmacy in your Backyard” | March 2019 issue

Vult Lab Social Media | Essay, News, and Op-Ed | Online
Collected Portfolio

goKittr | Essay (Op-Ed) | Online
"Professionalism and GIFs: What I've learned about employee relations as a remote worker"
"Developing a voice for your brand (without losing your own)"

Punchland | Interviews, Reviews, and Press | Online
Collected Portfolio

The Financial Diet | Essay (Op-Ed) | Online
"How Being Type-A With Money Put Me in a Downward Spiral"

"After You" - An Operetta | Performance Piece
Co-wrote with Rob Engle. Composed by Sean Price.
Premiered April 2016.

The D20 Girls Project Magazine | Essay | Print
"She's My Hero: Underappreciated Young Women in Video Games Who Changed My Life"
"I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn that Way"

Numerous others not included.

Et Cetera | Fiction | Print

Et Cetera | Literary Nonfiction | Print
"Summer Session"