Three Poems in Print | "Imagine: A Collection of Poets + Writers of WV"

My primary use of this blog initially was to post updates whenever a new work of mine was being published, but then I started writing blogs because I realized if I went with my actual idea, I would only post maybe once a year.

The zine, available at the brewery! (Make sure to put a dollar in the tip jar for it!)

The zine, available at the brewery! (Make sure to put a dollar in the tip jar for it!)

However. Though it may not be a literary website, journal, or magazine, a zine is still worth talking about. Zines are cool, and in this one, three of my poems appear! How neat.

For Fairmont Arts Week here in West Virginia, my previously aforementioned favorite brewery Short Story requested the locals to submit creative writing to be displayed in the brewery for the week. The lovely organizer, Liz Urse, created delightfully complimentary art pieces with the public's framed poems.

And much to my surprise, she made equally lovely zines with her original artwork as the cover with the collected works of all of the exhibitionists. It made me re-realize how much of a creative community Fairmont is!

So if you're in the neighborhood of middle-of-nowhere Rivesville, WV and want to read my poem on a wall or poems in a zine (among with many other wonderful ones), stop by the brewery for Fairmont Arts Week! The poems will be posted until the 19th. Here is info!

My poems are about my time traveling through West Virginia's national parks, particularly Seneca Rocks. They are entitled "Atop Seneca Rocks," "Yurt Poem," and "The Scar that Formed This Hollow."

Enjoy them if you see them! Cheers.