My Chapbook "The Begging Branches" is Available NOW!


Feel free to throw some confetti or something, because I am not sure how exciting this actually is, but…

“The Begging Branches” is a self-published chapbook I wrote and compiled this year about West Virginia wilderness. You can support by obtaining your copy THIS VERY SECOND!

I know this isn’t nearly as exciting as announcing I got offered a book deal or publication from an actual publisher, but I wanted this project to have a home in a different venue, if that makes sense.

Here’s a brief explanation from my Author’s Note at the beginning of the book:

“In a way, I view these original drafts as time capsules, words and images representative of very specific moments in my life when I witnessed true natural majesty and harnessed a different type of creative inspiration. With that in mind, I didn’t feel it right to separate these narratives by submitting them to different publications or combining these poems into another full collection of mine. I felt these works needed to stand beside each other, totally distant of anything else.”

So, I made you an e-book!

Feel free to view the main page for this collection.


If you would like to support my writing endeavors, please feel free to pick up your e-copy on Gumroad, a popular and trustworthy e-commerce service, through the link below.

I struggled on whether or not to make this publication free, and though I want as many people to read my work as possible, I also had to come to the realization there is value in the hard work I put into traveling, writing, revising, and compiling this e-book. After discussion with friends as well, they gave me an alternate perspective that my loved ones would want to support my craft by more than just reading it.

For a compromise, I determined this would be a nice pairing alongside a morning cup of coffee. As a barista, I noticed most of my customers pay on average $4 for their morning joe. This is what led me to charging $4 for this chapbook. I hope this is a fair price for the quality of the product.

I also added a “$4+” / “choose-your-own-price” option if you have a differing opinion on what this text is worth to you.

If you are unable to purchase due to your own personal financial restraints, I deeply apologize and totally understand. If you want to support my work in another way, feel free to share this blog post on the release or the main page so people can find their way to my work.

Purchase NOW HERE OR ON Gumroad!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for any support at all. I am very grateful.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!