My goal is one thing and one thing only: to make you never forget the importance of words in this world!

One of my favorite go-to phrases is that "Words are hard!” Putting a string of them together is an arduous task, sometimes rewarding, sometimes infuriating. What’s great is I love being rewarded and infuriated.

I can transform your web copy to have personality. I can take menial writing tasks off your already busy plate. If you have any words that need a sprinkling of lead-earning, personality-overflowing magic, I’m your gal to string them together.

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If you've got any other quick questions, sometimes social media works just as well! You can reach me on Instagram @nicolescottwv.


  • Creative writing workshopping

    • Poetry

    • Prose

  • Tutoring

    • English language

    • Literary analysis assistance

    • Research

    • Essay outlining or creation

  • Professional writing

    • Résumé creation

    • Cover letter writing

    • Proofreading

  • Social media marketing and content creation and ideation

    • Depends on what is required for each client.

  • Grant proposal writing

    • Depends on what is required for each client.

  • Copywriting and website copy

    • Depends on what is required for each client

  • Editorial and other article creation for your website, brand, or business

    • Depends on what is required for each client

  • See something else on this site that piques your interest but isn’t listed here? Have ideas for me on how you think I can help you? Make me a suggestion and let’s chat about it!

If you're interested in any of the above and would like to request fees, or ask any other questions, you can get in touch at