Are you going to publish a chapbook or collection of poems?

Yes, one day! I have a finished book of poems ready for submission. (Scary!) I also have two chapbooks, one of which I’m seeking professional publication for. The other, I have made an e-book for, and you can purchase it right now—it’s called The Begging Branches.

How much do you charge for your freelance services?

It depends on the service and how much time/effort/travel it requires to complete the task!

How do I pay for your freelance services?

I use Quickbooks to keep track, but I am also open to using PayPal!

Can you tell me how to get my poems published online or in print?

There are two ways to do this—research and connect with like-minded people. Use New Pages Calls for Submissions to see what journals and websites are wanting work right now. There are many other sites of a similar variety. I would also recommend going to events in your town (or nearby) including readings and author signings to meet other writers to talk to.

Why poetry, though?

Because I like it. :)

Do you organize/perform at readings?

They are one of my favorite things to do! I am just getting into my local scene and have organized a little so far. If you are in my area and want to participate, please contact me. And if you would like to have me at your reading, I highly encourage you to do the same!

Where do you get your photos for your website?

I use Pexels and Unsplash. They are libraries of license-free stock photos.