Unpopular Opinions | Part I

I wanted today's post to be a bit more casual, so inspired by Jenna Marbles' delightful video, I thought I would make a small series about my unpopular opinions, because I know everyone has some worth sharing. Perspective is fun to read about, especially when they are contrary to your beliefs. It helps you become a better observer of the universe!

Now, I will start with what is probably hands down my most unpopular opinion in the world (I wish I was kidding):

I don't like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I 100% understand why this movie is as popular as it is. I understand why it was so groundbreaking in the film world. A film, at the time, had never explored sexuality in such an overt way, and I respect everything it did for the industry and for those who have been positively affected by its risk-taking nature. However, I cannot excuse the fact the film is without a meaningful plot, the characters are poorly written, and the excess of sexual escapades do nothing to enhance any of the story elements apart from the shock factor.

As I said, I understand why it is the way it is, and I tell people all the time I might have been able to enjoy it more if I had the novelty surrounding it when it first came out. Alas, I am young and do not have that pleasure.

Also, I just don't like the music. I just don't. "Time Warp" has no appeal to me.


I don't think people who vape are pretentious.

In fact, I think you should thank people who use an e-cigarette as opposed to actual cigarettes if they are going to smoke at all. Not only are they saving your nose the awful stench of actual cigarettes, but they are allowing you to smell delicious things like blueberry lemonade and tiramisu at unexpected times. Isn't that nice? Also, the vapor from e-cigs do not have the effects secondhand smoke does. If individuals have chosen to spend their money on nicotine as their vice, that choice is on them. It may not be healthy, but at least allow them to enjoy their poison in a way that doesn't negatively affect those around them.

Also, there are plenty of people who use e-cigs for non-traditional purposes, so immediate judgement is a bit rash. People have options like vaping CBD oil for chronic pain, using their vape to ween themselves off nicotine, or they can even use non-nicotine juices as an aid to help anxiety, or to calm themselves down, by the practice intentional inhaling. 

I don't like toast.

I feel like I don't need to explain this one in great detail. I am a hypocrite in that I will toast bagels, PopTarts, and other delicious things, and they do not taste charred. But, there's something about bread that gets me; it will always tasted burned to me. In summation: toast is bread that you make to intentionally taste burned, and I will never understand that.


I think the struggles extroverts have are not discussed enough.

First, I really don't mean to trivialize the struggles of introverts. I cannot empathize, but I can imagine it is difficult to battle social anxiety or the cultural expectation of partying, socializing, and making connections when in reality, these individuals need time to recharge in private. However, I believe with the social internet, the vast majority of which is laden with introverts who spend most of their recharge time at home, either on their computer or doing something else, it makes the internet have a certain bias to how hard it is to be introverted because that is just the demographic. This can't be helped. But I want to make the point it is equally difficult to be extroverted.

Here are some examples of difficulties: the expectation of needing to have a full calendar and staying busy, friends and family depending on the extrovert to instigate social interactions (physical or conversational) when there should be a balance, the crippling feeling of being alone (comparable to how it's difficult for introverts to be in crowds, it hurts just as much for an extrovert to be cooped up in their house all day), and so on. These personality types have equally balanced struggles, just in different outfits.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tiny ramblings. Ultimately, be well informed, be eloquent, be fair, and be confident in your opinions!

Thanks for reading! Cheers.