My Morning Routine

I have been using this same morning routine for awhile, and I find that it increases my productivity in the mornings a great deal (for when I actually wake up on time). I don’t know why anyone cares to know how I spend my mornings when I have the time to be intentional about it, but without further ado, here is my morning routine as it appears (headings and all) in my phone.


I drink a big, big glass of water after doing some math problems with my Alarmy app to wake me up (if all goes according to plan, at 8am). You’ve heard this a million times. Drinking water first thing kicks your metabolism into gear and is one of the best things you can do to wake up.


Then I weigh myself. The reason I do this is because of how I structure my diet; I want to be sure I’m staying healthy. Some people may see this as unhealthy for self confidence, however, seeing my weight be maintained is helpful for my mental health. It also allows me to see when I fluctuate weight in a big way (gain or loss) so I can keep tabs on my body and the food I consume.

In the bathroom!

I brush my teeth and floss immediately. I love starting my day with clean teeth; it makes me feel refreshed.

Then, I tweeze my eyebrows for 60 seconds. I literally set a timer and do that. I found tweezing my eyebrows once a month or so was such a chore, so I discovered if I work on it little by little every day, they are always maintained and I never have to deal with sitting down for ages, uncomfortable, on my bedroom floor, in front of a mirror.

Then, I do my full skin care routine. A post on that will come later in the year because it’s long, complicated, and ridiculous.

To the kitchen!

I drink another glass of water while the water for my tea is boiling. In the mornings, I like to start with a caffeinated blueberry green tea by Yogi. I love adding some goji berry powder for that extra kick of flavor and energy. Then, I have my breakfast, which at the moment, is a vanilla protein powder milkshake alongside pomegranate yogurt and chia seeds! A perfect blend of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

While I eat my breakfast, I open my Shine app to listen to my daily affirmations and positive vibe talks. If you haven’t heard of Shine, it’s a wonderful supplement to your day if you need a few moments of intentional self-care. Instead of watching mindless YouTube videos while I eat my breakfast, I take this time to listen to the suggested talks for the day. It’s like a nice verbal hug.

I also take this space of time to spend some focused cuddle time with my kitten.

And to work!


There are only a few things I have left to do.

First, I do a yoga exercise with the app KeepYoga. What a wonderful app this is! I just pull out my mat, and the exercise is already there for me. How convenient. It only takes about 10-20 minutes per session. Stretching in the morning is so beneficial for your body, and I always dream of being more flexible!

After yoga, I open Calm, or another meditation app, and make myself meditate for at least 10-15 minutes (hopefully one day it’ll be longer). If it is a guided meditation, let’s say, one focused on self-compassion, I will do mindfulness journaling about what I learned and contemplated immediately after.

Then, I open my notebooks which guide my days with intention. I love Lavendaire’s Create Today planner. I use it religiously alongside a very tiny yearly calendar which keeps track of my 12 Week Goals. After nourishing my body, I spend time looking at these goals and to-do’s I set the previous night, and I begin working on them.

Alongside all of this, I also use the app Fabulous which keeps track of all of my positive habits.

Yes, I use a lot of apps, but guess what: there are wonderful uses of technology out there. Take advantage of them!


And that’s my morning routine (subject to change over time).

Some people say routines are the devil because it doesn’t invite spontaneity or change. I disagree when it comes to positive habits. These habits need to be ingrained into routine so we keep ourselves accountable. If our days are built on a foundation of physical and mental care, then the rest of our day can be filled with love, productivity, and spontaneity just as easily.

I hope you all have amazing days! Cheers!