Reminders in Creatively Moving Forward

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted a blog! I decided to take some time for myself, to focus on poetry submissions, other projects, and of course, my Master’s coursework.

How is everyone doing? This will be more of a chatty post!

A Reminder in Creative Validation

In the last several months, I’ve received an onslaught of rejection letters from both small and large publications alike, including a rejection from a local poetry contest. It has been battering to say the least, but in these months, I have received three acceptance letters and that is overwhelming. It doesn’t matter to me small or large; receiving an acceptance from a publication is validation. Despite how humble we want ourselves to be, validation feels good.

For any creative, I have to remind myself despite the 100 rejections you get per 1 acceptance, that single acceptance is a reminder that art is subjective, it’s not an insult to you, and there are people in this world who see the merit and labor you put into your craft. This is a reminder I need to keep writing, always.

A Reminder in Creative Bravery

I have also decided to get back into the freelance game after nearly two years of fear. After just a short time doing so, I have already locked in my first job, giving my first ever quote of what I charge per word; I never thought I would do that! Every other day has been another email, another cover letter, another submission on Indeed looking for remote contracted writing jobs. It’s a lot to take in, a lot of research on how to do it properly (both professionally and financially), and a lot of self-starting motivation.

Writing is my passion, and a friend once told me if I want to be a writer, I have to change how I think about the field. Freelance and self-advertising is the world of writers now. I can’t use my fear as an excuse to not participate anymore. I used to think a job at a magazine would just fall into my lap. Maybe it will one day, but that isn’t now. For right now, if I want to make a living in any way shape or form as a writer, I have to acclimate myself to the climate.

I’m here for that challenge.

A Reminder in Creative Living

I have been fortunate to surround myself with lovely individuals who I do not vocalize my appreciation for enough. Thankfully I talk to creatives every day, either because of my day job or in discussion posts on my online Master’s workshops.

I have created a life which facilitates creative growth and progress. Choosing to be stagnant and not move forward is just that: a choice.

Instead, I choose today to take advantage of the minds and outlets I have been so graciously given. I am very grateful. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, asked questions, or even wanted to read anything I’ve ever written. You are the reason I keep going.

Time to keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!