Cheap Tea that Got Me to Like Tea

This blog doesn’t need to exist, but hey, I can put whatever content I want up here.

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me rant about how much I hate tea. My father once got me to taste his chai tea and I thought it tasted so bad, I dug for the first thing in the fridge that I thought would get the taste out of my mouth; it was whipped cream. Spoiler alert: at the time, I also hated the taste of whipped. That’s how much I didn’t like tea.

This year, I became pretty heavily dependent on coffee. I drank a lot of it. It was my morning ritual, it was my afternoon reprieve, and my evening boost. For a few reasons, I decided I wanted to force myself to enjoy tea.

Good news! I have found a few cheap teas, that probably taste awful to tea connoisseurs, that have converted me into the world of tea. I’m excited to explore! Without further ado, these are the teas that helped me get started.

Lipton Red Goji Raspberry Green Tea


One reason I wanted to switch to tea was because I wanted a non-caffeinated option which may also give me energy. Goji berries have been proven to increase energy levels, among numerous other benefits. I love the taste of raspberries and goji, so I thought this would be a great option. However, I still do not love the taste of plain green tea, so I was worried.

This has a nice balance. It’s nice and subtle in its flavor, and fruity enough to cover up too many herbal notes I’m not used to yet in green tea. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch.

Price at Walmart: $2.24 for 20 tea bags

Celestial Seasonings honey vanilla chamomile herbal tea


Another reason I decided to switch to tea at the time I did was because I had a pretty horrid canker sore. I read online, apart from the numbing gels you can get to dull the pain, that hot chamomile tea with honey can also reduce the suffering. I don’t like adding honey to most things I drink because I feel it adds too much sweetness, so I was happy to find this because it was already infused.

I can confirm any suspicions: this tea totally helped my sore go away much faster. This tea also has the best scent on the list. It’s sweet and delightful!

Price at Walmart: $2.32 for 20 tea bags

yogi blueberry slim life green tea


This time of year, and I’m sure you can agree with me, it is easy to indulge. Not only did the blueberry appeal to me with this particular tea, the idea of having a supplement to potentially curve holiday cravings seemed like a good idea. I’m not drinking this tea to lose weight; it was more of a test to see if it would help curb my ravenous holiday appetite. Snacking is a big problem with me, especially if it’s cold outside. So, I have been trying to opt for a hot mug of this instead when the urge hits.

I haven’t drank enough of it in order to see if that works, but the taste is probably the most subtle of all of the teas. I love the color it gives the water! It’s this very foggy, light purple-blue.

Price at Walmart: $3.98 for 20 tea bags

carrington farms organic goji berry powder


This isn’t tea, however, I wanted to note it because it has been a great supplement to my tea. As I don’t prefer sweetener, this provides a nice bitter fruit flavor in my tea with all of the benefits of the superfood. I only use a teaspoon, and though this whole bag costs a whopping $8.88 at Walmart, it is going to last forever. Would highly recommend!

I appreciate you. Thanks for reading this weird post. Cheers!