Thoughts from Cape Sounion

Facebook was kind enough to remind me on June 8th, 2015, I had visited my favorite place I have been to in the entire world: Cape Sounion at the very southern tip of Greece. Looking back through the photos filled me with such a sense of majesty, I had to briefly discuss what the experience in being there was like for me.

Of all of the places I have visited, there was something special about Greece. I did not experience culture shock being there, however, I did feel like I was in another world. There was a certain ethereal veil around every nook and cranny I couldn't ignore. I think this is primarily due to what remains a part of a Grecian's every day: artifacts and remnants of antiquity. 

Click below to see some of my favorite shots.

We may be surrounded in our towns and cities with evidence of the past, but nothing to this caliber. These are the temples where individuals believed the gods and goddesses could be called upon. These are some of the most intricate, grandiose displays of devotion in the world. And even though as tourists not part of that faith, the energy surrounding these spaces was potent. For context, Cape Sounion is home to the Temple of Poseidon, as it overlooks the Mediterranean.

As you can see from the pictures above (they don't do justice), this location was picturesque to say the least. Once we made the arduous hike to get to the temple, I felt very humbled. People had made this trek countless times to witness this temple, to extend their hand in faith to their god, and I just made that walk so many others had--with a wildly different purpose. Though this sounds like spiritual woo-woo nonsense, having that moment of perspective really altered my experience in standing in front of the temple. It gave me a deeper sense of appreciation for how much this place affected so many, as well as gave me respect for those who proceeded us.

On a more tangible note, before arriving here, I heard all the time people talking about how amazing it is to see truly blue water. Whether it was at a beach or elsewhere, it was just really cool to see clear, blue water. I didn't believe them, and how life-changing it would be, until I looked over this cliff side. There is nothing comparable to seeing true blue water in all of its vibrant beauty, extending far into the sky until they bleed together.

This is just a condensed account of this experience. I could go on for ages talking about how I wish I could take everyone I cared about to this spot (though the bus ride there was something of another obstacle.) I hope to see more of the world through appreciative, experienced eyes as I go through life, but I do not know if anything will match to how I felt that day--albeit sunburned and physically drained--under the watchful eyes of Poseidon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you go exploring some day. Cheers!

(All photos taken by me.)