Board Games I Love


It’s winter and I want to stay inside. What games do I recommend? Do you even care? Probably not.


For some reason, when you are put on the spot, you come up with some weird stuff. In Scattergories, you have a letter and a list of categories. You simply attempt to put an item for each category that starts with that letter within the time limit. This isn’t always easy, and for some reason, it always provides a lot of laughter. When the letter is “A” and the category is “Things you’re allergic to”, you wouldn’t expect someone in the group to write “anteater”, but hey, it happens (I’m looking at you, sister) …


In its many flavors! From Looney Labs, Fluxx is a game that gets more complicated the more rules you add to it! Some of my favorites versions include Cthulhu and Firefly (naturally). The board game edition also provides an interesting dynamic, and if you are the type to drink alcoholic beverages, the 21st birthday edition of Fluxx, Drinking Fluxx, is pretty brutal.


Everyone and their mom should know Risk! Probably in my top games of all time, Risk is a strategy game about global domination. Fight wars, make treaties, play pacifist. The opportunities are endless. It also provides a nice bit of argumentation between friends and family if you aren’t careful. Choose allies carefully. Roll your dice bravely.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Also in its many flavors, One Night Werewolf is like Mafia (if you are familiar) but all of the action is done in one night. Each player takes a role and attempts to make it through the night without getting killed. The roleplay in this game can get very intense depending who you play with, which makes it all the more interesting! The goal is to discover the werewolf if you are a civilian and not be discovered if you are the werewolf. It causes a lot of tension and distrust between friends, but is a fun way to play politics.



Who loves Scrabble with a twist? This free-form version of Scrabble allows you to be far more independent and creative with your board as you build it yourself. Play alone even, if you’re feeling wordy.


Every version of Munchkin is a good time; I call it Dungeons and Dragons Lite. Be a hero (or not) and dungeon crawl and fight monsters (or don’t) alongside very pun-iful cards. The jokes are good in Munchkin, so take time to appreciate them. Munchkin Panic and Munchkin Quest are also phenomenal board game twists on the original card game. And always remember: never pick up a duck in a dungeon.


This combines everything I love about games; words, trivia, creativity, and improv. Nobody is safe from categories they are weak in, which is why you must choose your partner in crime carefully. Traversing the board is dangerous if you lack a friend who is good at Charades or doesn’t know any useless facts. This also leads to some hilarious impressions, blind art drawings, and bumbling displays of knowledge from individuals who you thought were quite intelligent.

I hope you enjoyed this less intense post of random board games! Have fun in this cold with some friends and family.

Thanks for reading as always. Cheers!