A (Very) Detailed Look-back on my 2018 Goals

Hi, my name is Nicole Scott, and I am a goals junkie.

New Year’s Resolutions are probably on people’s minds right now, so I thought it would be a good time to take a look at how I did this year. I did my resolutions a little bit differently in 2018, some may call it a bit much, but I don’t care.

First, I created 10 major goals I wanted to achieve. Then in each month, I created a few micro-goals per month in order to gradually attain those major goals. Sounds a bit micro-managey, right? I called these “Monthly Reviews”, which kept me intentional and held me accountable for the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018.

This blog post is going to be a long, in-depth reflection about what I did (and didn’t) accomplish in 2018 by listing all of the little things I did to build upon the larger ideas.


Here were my 10 goals for 2018:

  1. Consume more media

  2. Keep on writing

  3. Take control of finances

  4. Be better about overall health

  5. Begin my “photo project”

  6. Organize my digital space

  7. Create more time for things that are important to me

  8. Develop more confidence

  9. Get more piercings

  10. Live life more intentionally, sustainably, and evaluate often

An example of micro-goals for “consume more media” for March would have been “read 3 nonfiction books this month” alongside “watch 2 new documentaries”. An example of micro-goals for “Be better about overall health” for July would have been “find a primary care physician” alongside “drink more water”.

Now that long, long explanation is out of the way, we can dig deeper.

consume more media

Do I think I accomplished this goal? Kind of?

What I did: made a playlist on Spotify of 75+ albums to listen to in 2018 and listened to a good deal of it, began watching more documentaries and new anime, got a library card and started book clubs and read more frequently

What I didn’t do: play more video games, watched more films, listened to more podcasts, maintained a better consistency with reading/book clubs

Keep on Writing

Do I think I accomplished this goal? Hell yes.

What I did: submitted to a variety of places (local venues, contests, lit mags, and journals) and got several publications, created and revised my first chapbook “The Begging Branches”, began a website and blog, started freelance writing, found and compiled all the flash fiction I’ve ever written into a single document, started (and killed) the majority of an MFA, and as an added bonus: I wrote a BA maid-of-honor speech

What I didn’t do: maintained better consistency with peer reviews and collaborative projects with friends, write more long prose that wasn’t blogs or articles for freelance gigs

Take control of my finances


Do I think I accomplished this goal? Not really.

What I did: dealt with an insane amount of taxes and student loan documents, obtained a credit card with a high limit for emergency use, saved money gradually for trips and fun stuff with the app Tip Yourself, evaluated spending with the app Clarity, opened a ROTH IRA, determined a strategy to eliminate the majority of my debt (save student loans) by the end of 2019

What I didn’t do: created a “checking account safety net” or emergency fund, stop “impulse” spending (especially on Amazon), put as much into my ROTH IRA as I wanted, get out of the "living paycheck-to-paycheck” life, raise my credit score (enough)

Be better about overall health

Do I think I accomplished this goal? I’m pretty content.

What I did: received wellness check ups from a primary care physician, had two dental cleanings and check ups, had preventative blood work done, had an overall women’s health check up, developed a skin care routine, spent more time outside in nature, had a consultation with an oral surgeon about removing wisdom teeth, researched and upgraded health insurance at the end of the year, had numerous mental health evaluations concerning sleep quality and mental health as a whole

What I didn’t do: exercise regularly, eat healthier/meal prep consistently, lose the teeny bit of excess weight I have

Begin my “photo project”

Do I think I accomplished this goal? Definitely not.

Allow me to explain: I wanted to do a few things. First, I wanted to save and download every digital photo from all platforms (Facebook, my phone, etc), purchase an HP Sprocket printer and begin making small physical photo albums (I wanted to not have tons of physical photos), organize my folders by eliminating dupes and labeling everything, and delete a bunch of photos I don’t want to keep anymore.

What I did: bought the HP Sprocket and paper, made two small photo albums, downloaded and saved all photos from all locations including Facebook

What I didn’t do: the rest of that

But I did create a strategy for 2019 to do this little by little, so we’ll see how that goes. I have so many photos!

CURATE AND ORGANIZE my digital space


Do I think I accomplished this goal? Sure.

What I did: updated my social media security, curated my follow and friends lists, began filing documents and backing up in Google Keep, organized online presence (streamlined social medias, deleted Facebook, created my own website), made updated and detailed job profiles (Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn), organized my external hard drives and created a transfer schedule, utilized the app Things 3 to organize my calendar and to-do’s, maintained inbox zero

What I didn’t do: fill out and fully set up LastPass account, finish organizing digital photos

Create more time for things important to me

Do I think I accomplished this goal? A bit.

What I did: spent more focused time alone (when I used to not be good at spending time by myself), created effective and mindful morning and evening routines, took a solo unplugged vacation to explore WV, created a “Conscious Hangout” list with all of my friends and reminders to connect (because I’m terrible sometimes), decreased wasted time by monitoring social media and phone usage and watching less mindless television

What I didn’t do: spend as much consistent alone time outside, read more, run/work out more, meditate more

Develop more confidence

Do I think I accomplished this goal? I have no idea why I made goals that were hard to measure.

What I did: did month-long journaling prompt exercise, refined personal style to exhume comfort and confidence, improved my self-esteem around my work ethic, and a few others that are a bit personal

What I didn’t do: develop a continuously confident mindset—sometimes I still fall into negative self-talk

Get more piercings


Do I think I accomplished this goal? Yes, definitely. I reached my number goal and that’s basically all I wanted. This was by far the easiest, most attainable goal to accomplish.

What I did: got 7 new piercings for a total of 16, stretched my ears to my desired size (2G), changed out most of my old, unwanted jewelry for higher quality piercings

Live life more intentionally, sustainably, and evaluate often

Do I think I accomplished this goal? I’m definitely headed in the right direction.

What I did: discovered my values and did the Values Card Sort, consistently decluttered my physical possessions, dabbled in meditation and mindfulness journaling, found numerous eco-friendly/low-waste replacements, began learning about composting, began weekly reviews and brain dumping exercises (David Allen’s Incompletion Trigger List is an actual game changer), drastically cut social media usage, analyzed and monitored relationship with my phone, read numerous self-development books

What I didn’t do: practice a non-judgement mindset, understand how I am responsible for how I feel, care less what people think, meditated and did mindfulness journaling more


WHEW. That was a lot.

Overall, I think I did very well. I’m glad I did this year how I did, because looking back at all I’ve written, I accomplished a lot. Though I didn’t do everything, I did so much, and I’m glad I chose to evaluate often and keep myself on track.

2019 is going to look a lot different as far as how I want to achieve my goals. I am currently experimenting with the 12 Week Year setup, (alongside making SMART goals), which I’m digging.

If you read this far, you’re a trooper. I hope you accomplished what you wanted to in 2018 and continue on an upward progression in 2019.

Happy New Year! Cheers.

UPDATE JAN 1st, 2019: Little ole me accomplished a few more things in 2018 in those final weeks; I was able to move some items from the “What I didn’t do” sections to here, and that’s really fantastic! I am going to mark them here for myself so I can remember how much power and motivation I had when the new year approached. Here they are in list form: learned how to curb cravings and over-eating from stress or boredom, updated and cataloged my music collection (and poetry!), received potential for a higher paying job, improved sleep schedule to waking up at 10am instead of 12pm-1pm.