6 Beers, 3 Breweries: West Virginia Edition | Part I.

I want to start a series entitled "6 Beers, 3 Breweries" in which I choose three breweries and highlight my two favorite beers from each (it's hard to pick just one)! This particular instance will be shining some spotlight on my dear home's delightful offerings.

I am proud to say I worked at Joe N' Throw in Fairmont, West Virginia for many reasons. But, one of the biggest is because we only rep local, state beers on tap. Because of this, I have had many of our state's beers. Not all, but a decent handful. I can confidently say West Virginia has many great beers.

So today, I would like to highlight some of my favorites!

We're going to start strong with my favorite brewery in the state:

Short Story Brewing | Rivesville, WV

This indiscriminate barn out in the middle-of-nowhere West Virginia has the most solid lineup of beers in the state. I haven't had a bad beer from Short Story. I don't even like Amber ales all that much and their My Friends Call Me Red is still good. Short Story is also home to my favorite beer in the state: 

Hunt & Peck | Brown Ale — it's nutty, it's full-bodied, it has a delightfully creamy texture and amazing aftertaste. I can't recommend this beer enough! I am a bit biased because I prefer darker beers, but there hasn't been anything compared to this I have ever tasted. Saying this is my favorite beer in the state is saying something as well, because I am always partial to stouts over other dark beer styles such as porters and browns. But this just has something special about it!

My other favorite from them is the Woke Up Like This | Imperial Stout — this stout is not only hefty in its high ABV of 8.2%, it is made with Stone Tower Joe's Epic Espresso; it's two of my favorite things combined. I imagine having this beer on a winter morning (yes, morning, like with breakfast), alongside a black coffee and a syrupy, waffle breakfast. It's such a treat.

Parkersburg Brewing Company | Parkersburg, WV


I have spent a lot of time with family in Parkersburg, and I have to say, I am proud of their namesake brewery not only because it has a wide selection, but a consistent one. 

One of the most unique beers is the Bushwa Berliner Wiesse | Sour Ale — it has a near non-alcoholic ABV of 2.7%, which gives it one of its many perks; you can just keep drinking its deliciousness all day long and you needn't worry. One of my favorite things to do is put some Monin Blackberry or Raspberry syrup in it to balance out that refreshing tartness with some sweet fruit. Trust me: it's like candy.

I also have to note the MoJoe | Coffee Milk Stout — you may sense a theme here, but it is also made with Stone Tower Joe coffee. We local businesses like to stick together to make great products! I have a bit of a bias, but I also think it's a solid stout to boot. I like how it is a smooth, easy stout with subtle yet satisfying traces of coffee and pastry.

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company | Maxwelton, WV


One of the things I love about Greenbrier is their style. Their beers are very different from the rest of the state, and they have personality. One of the most intriguing beers in the state, merely because there aren't many of this style is the Cardinal Red 93 Shilling | Scottish Ale — it has a wonderful, rich color with a lovely balance of spice and malt. There is nothing like it around, making it a forerunner for any in the state wanting to make the next great Scottish ale.

For a day when I'm wanting something more calming, comforting in flavor, I'll choose the reliable Zona's Revenge | Witbier — it's West Virginia's Blue Moon, but better. It has wonderful notes of citrus and herb alongside a nice, cloudy appearance. I call it a porch beer, because it's perfect to sip on (or chug, if that's your style) on a nice, summer day. Very refreshing.

Would anyone else like to see more beer-related content? You don't have a say, because there will be more. 

Thanks for reading, as always. Cheers!