30 Before 30

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One of the exercises I did in 2018 was create a 30 Before 30 list—in short, 30 things I want to accomplish before the age of 30. Pretty straightforward.

This is slightly different than a bucket list in the way that it isn’t all very large or big goals. In the 30 Before 30 List, you have the freedom of including some small things on there and not feeling guilty. I also love this exercise because when your 30th birthday comes, you can see all of those wonderful things you did.

Can’t wait for that 40 Before 40, am I right!? Let’s take a look at some of what I chose to include.


I wanted categories so the goals weren’t so uniform. For fun goals, I wanted to focus on leisure and activities which would spark joy (a la Marie Kondo). You’ll see in later posts that since the beginning of college, I’ve been bad at enjoying leisure time. I measure my happiness based on my productivity and success, instead of taking a breather to enjoy my hobbies.

The only thing I want to expand on is the learning three new skills. I chose those skills specifically not because of their practicality or me having a particular passion for any of them. I just find them fascinating! Whether I become good at the practice of reading tarot or making a candle, I still think it’s nourishing to the mind to learn more about how the world works, whether you use those skills or not.

I also just want to be pampered (spa day) and pamper others (tip a lot of money).


Money & Career

These are your most standard goals, though I tried to make them specific for my unique situation. Not only do I want to be a writer, making enough money to live, I want to think ahead to the future and how these endeavors will have long-lasting benefits on every facet of my life.

That’s why I want to learn to invest and go out of my way to volunteer for organizations I care about. Being a more involved participant of the world is a goal I feel is always sitting in the back of my brain.

The one I want to specifically touch on though is “Stop buying from Amazon”. Amazon, in its infinite glory, is a phenomenal resource for convenience and variety. However, this year I had two revelations. One, it is just too darn easy for me to hit purchase buttons there. Though I let things sit in my cart a little bit before I make purchases to be sure I truly want things, that accessibility is way too overwhelming! I end up spending too much money on things I truly want, however, could wait for until I am more financially stable.

I also realized it doesn’t align with more goals to be more sustainable and ethical, especially with my shopping. Being a conscious consumer may seem like a trend now, but there is merit into digging into some fads. Amazon does not package with sustainability in mind, nor do their marketing methods encourage mindful consumerism. There has also been some sketchy ethics aligned with the company, to which, I feel like a hypocrite for supporting them. I want to focus on less impulse spending, less internet shopping, and more ethical, local consumerism to support the economy I want to flourish.

Also, thinking I would be out of student debt by the time I’m 30 is ludicrous. Paying off some consumer debt and my car loan, however, that can be managed…


This particular category was super hard because everyone obviously wants to see the Great Wall or go to Paris. I know the decade of my 20s is going to be very formative, both professionally and financially, so I tried to maintain a mentality of realistic travel goals. The larger, more grandiose ones, can be on my next list.

I have wanted to go to Iceland since 2015. Tickets to Iceland are not super unreasonable. I think that will make a great Northern Lights trip, and if not, maybe I could knock out Canada and the Northern Lights in the same go?

I have been to NOLA before for work, however, I want to explore it not in a work context. I fell absolutely, madly, and totally in love with the city. It has everything I love: good food, good drink, good tunes, good art, the lot! I cannot wait to go back and really, really soak it in!

Also, have you seen pictures of Joshua Tree and Hamilton Pool Preserve? I mean, have you really?

Joshua Tree National Park. Photo cred: Visit Greater Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree National Park. Photo cred: Visit Greater Palm Springs.

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Texas. Photo cred: TripSavvy.

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Texas. Photo cred: TripSavvy.

personal growth

I couldn’t leave this list without having a few goals related to self-development. These are far more personal in their nature, so I will only briefly accent them.

I’m so tired (pun, intended) of having a terrible sleep schedule. I want to go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, and have restful sleep gosh darn it! Why is that so hard to ask for nowadays? It is such a plague on so many people, and it’s only getting worse as the generations go by. Maybe it’s time to do some research and find out the real reasons why nobody is getting a good night’s sleep.

Obviously, I want to be fit. I want to run. I want to be strong. I want to eat. I want to not feel bad about it.

But more importantly is I want to have a solid emotional and mental foundation. Be less anxious (be that champion). Practice mindfulness (meditate). Find avenues to be more holistic and sustainable (gardening and composting).

I know these are all realistic to do by the time I’m 30. I love long-term goals because it’s so easy to look back and think “Well, what the heck did I do?”

At least with this, I have a track record. Hopefully the next 5 years are fruitful.

What’s on your list?

Thanks for reading! Cheers!