Hello, My Name is Nicole.


I've tried keeping a blog many times and never found the format or topics I wanted to consistently discuss. Then, I had a revelation:

I'll just do whatever I want.

So, what can you expect from this space? A little bit of everything.

I created this website to engage with the online sphere as a professional writer. So, I am primarily holding this space to announce and discuss new literary publications (should I receive any more in the future... fingers crossed!) However, I have always loved discussing media, the environment, pop culture, and lifestyle with my peers. So, why shouldn't I discuss those topics here?

Tizo, in all of her splendor, looking innocent, when she clearly isn't.

Tizo, in all of her splendor, looking innocent, when she clearly isn't.

A little bit about me: my name is Nicole Scott and I was born and raised in West Virginia. I studied Creative Writing and Classical Studies through my higher education. Whilst chasing those pursuits, I have had a variety of interests including but not limited to cosplay, tabletop games, international travel, craft beer, bartending/barista-ing. I also have an adorable kitten named Tizo (named after the equally lovable character in Supergiant Games' Pyre), which consumes a great portion of my attention.

The subjects of these posts will be varied and the necessity of these writings will be arguable. Nonetheless, I have determined it is better to write something than write nothing at all. Should the inspiration spark, it should be put on the page, no?

Looking forward to seeing you! Cheers!